Geotechnical Engineering Web Apps

Modern web apps for geotechnical engineering analysis and design


Web apps for geotechnical engineering that provide cost effective, quick, and simple solutions for all of your retaining wall and foundation engineering needs. This site is currently under heavy development. In the meantime, we've created a couple of free and simple web apps to get you started. The apps shown here will undergo futher development and we'll be adding new apps that we will release in the near future.



Earth Pressure Coefficients

This is a simple web app that calculates earth pressure coefficients for analyses and design of retaining walls. This a quick and easy way to calculate those required coefficients for At-Rest, Passive and Active states.

Pile Foundation Properties

This is a web app that calculates properties of typical deep foundation elements. Included are square concrete, round concrete and round grout pile cross-sections. Further development of this web app coming soon!

Coming Very Soon!

Shallow Foundations (LRFD)

This web app will consist of a complete shallow foundation analyses and design tool in accordance with AASHTO LRFD specifications. Will include bearing resistance and settlement predictions. Coming very soon!

Coming Very Soon!